Technical Grade d-Limonene (1L), aka ChimeraMelt


This is technical grade d-Limonene for 3D printing, sourced from oranges here in our home state of Florida!

Our d-Limonene has been tested to melt away 3D printed HIPS plastic.  Perfect for dissolving out those pesky hard-to-reach supports!


Bottled right here at our 3DChimera HQ in Miami, FL.  We get our technical-grade d-Limonene right from the source, and we guarantee that our d-Limonene will dissolve your 3D printed HIPS plastic.

Works perfectly with all brands of HIPS 3D printable filament.

Size: 1L


  • Remove as much support material from your parts by hand as possible
    • This will speed up the dissolving process and will make your d-Limonene last longer
  • Get a bowl / tank / pot large enough to contain your 3D printed object
    • Glass, metal & PET vessels work well
    • Beware of other plastics, as they can melt!!
  • Pour enough d-limonene to cover the supports you want to dissolve on your part
  • The HIPS supports will magically dissolve in 12-24hrs
    • To speed up the process, agitate the d-limonene (stir, swish, etc) from time to time
    • If you are in a rush, remember that after a few hours your supports will be soft and easy to manually remove
  • Properly dispose of your used d-Limonene per the environmental regulations in your community
    • NOTE: d-Limonene can be re-used after dissolving support, but it has a finite amount of HIPS that it can dissolve and starts to loose effectiveness after dissolving a large amount of material
  • Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any problems.

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Weight 2.72 lbs